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Sierra Modifications

The Sierra QRP HF CW transceiver is a popular kit amongst QRP Homebrewers. It was designed by Wayne Burdic, N6KR and the design was later published in NorCal, (Northern California QRP Club). A revised circuit and construction information for the Sierra is featured in recent ARRL Handbooks.

You will find a detailed description of the Sierra at the following site:

PC boards for the Sierra are advertised as being available from Far Circuit PC Boards. For ordering information see:
I obtained the main transceiver board and 5 band plug-in band modules in 1996. After locating the parts and building it, I decided that there were a couple features that would inhance the performance of the Sierra. They are:

a. Improve AGC,
b. Add XIT to existing RIT circuit,
c. Improve QSK TR switching,
d. Increasing power output,

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FIG 1. My Portable QRP Station.

FIG 2. Inside view of Sierra.

FIG 3. Sierra Front Panel.

FIG 4.Inside view of QRP Antenna Tuner.