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More Yagis

"Some More VE7CA 2-Element Portable Yagis" is an article I wrote to answer the many questions and enquiries received for a 40 Meter wire yagi and WARC band design. The queries were a result of ARRL publishing my "Portable Tri-Band Wire Yagi" design in November 2001 QST

"Some More VE7CA 2-Element Portable Yagis" has been published in Antenna Compendium No. 7 by ARRL.

Published Article     Some More VE7CA 2-Element Portable Yagis  

(Copyright ARRL. All rights reserved, used with permission of the ARRL.)

I highly recommend the ARRL ANTENNA COMPENDIUM series of books as they are loaded with very usefull information about antennas build by hams. There are not only many good construction projects, the articles make interesting reading as well. It is fascinating to see what other hams are doing in regards to our favourite subject, ANTENNA's.

ARRL ANTENNA Vol 7 COMPENDIUM is available from ARRL (208 pages. First edition, 2002, The American Radio Relay League, Inc. (ISBN: 0-87259-562-5) #8608 $24.95 USD: